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Etherio is the safest choice you can make everyday when thinking of your nutrition, of your family, of the environment

and planet earth.

Etherio organic stores being the first and largest organic chain in Cyprus brings you every day all of earth’s freshness to your table.

With all our love and positive energy we gather organic products from more than 40 producers in Cyprus and import a

wide variety of products so as to cover all your family needs.

With a range of more than 10,000 products from fresh meat to frozen organic fish, from a wide range of certified gluten free products to vegetarian delicacies, we cover all specialty needs. Our personnel are enriched with dieticians present in our stores and ready to assist you in finding the best product to cover your nutritional needs. Ask them to help you build your personalized dietary

program for free.


With 4 stores in Nicosia we help you keep fit and healthy wherever

you may be, on work or vacation!


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