.MMV702S Omega Slow Juicer

.MMV702S Omega juicer

The Omega MegaMouth Vertical Low Speed Juicer. A powerful, low speed,
masticating juicer that's quieter than high speed juicers. Key features include:

• Large 3" (7.6cm) feed chute that can fit most whole apples, oranges, kiwi, cucumbers, tomatoes, pears, etc. Less time spent cutting and prepping!
• Juice spout tap minimizes accidental dripping and spills.
• BPA free parts: Bowl,Feed Chute, Cleaning Screen. Auger and Strainer are ULTEM, which is 'virtually BPA free' but not 0%.
• Includes (1) Fine Juicing Screen (1) Smoothie Screen (1) Blank Screen
(1) Cleaning Tool (2) Brushes

Description:  Slow Juicer
Finish:  Plastic
Speed:  Low Speed
Motor:  60 RPM
Weight: 6.85 kg
Dimensions: 165mm L x 244mm W x 452mm H
Wattage: 240 Watts



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