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A.Vogel, Bambu fruit & Grain coffee 100g

Bambu® is a healthy drink containing no caffeine, meaning it’s perfect for any time of the day– whether it is during the day or bedtime. No palpitations should be experienced, like when drinking caffeine containing drinks. Bambu® has a high potassium content, supporting cell activity. It is non-additive and chicory, one of its ingredients, has a positive influence on the digestive process. Bambu® can be enjoyed in the same way as any other instant coffee drink. It is particularly delicious made with hot milk (or soya milk) instead of water. In the summer the milky drink can be chilled and used as ice cubes for extra refreshment.

A.Vogel, Bambu fruit & Grain coffee 100g

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  • Organic chicory, wheat, malted barley, figs and acorns.

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