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Apostolos Loukas

Medical Center 


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Even More Benefits for All Members of etherio Bio Stores!

etherio Bio Stores announce their collaboration with the medical center "APOSTOLOS LOUKAS".

A modern medical center in Engomi.



It provides comprehensive services of general and family medicine, cardiology, orthopedics and neurosurgery, clinical psychology and clinical dietetics. 

It also provides bone density measurement, service records, spirometry, medical aesthetics as well as home medical and nursing care. 

You can visit the Medical Center website to see all the information:


etherio Bio Stores, with the start of cooperation, offer ONLY to their members, store card holders, the following subsidized prices:


1. 30% discount to White Swan Medical Laser Centre 

2. Dexa Scan with the modern "Hologic" for Osteoporosis check 50 euro (subsidized price)

3. 20% discount in all blood analisis (excluding offer packages) 

4. Specialised Check up for Men and Women with only 80 euro which includes:

  • Complete Blood Count ( Hb, White blood cells, platelets) 

  • Urine test

  • ESR

  • Fe

  • Ferritin 

  • Fasting Glucose

  • LDL-Ch & HDL-Ch, full  lipids check up

  • Urea, Kidney function

  • Creatinine (Kidney function) 

  • TSH (Thyroid) 

  • Liver  enzymes GOT, sGPT, GGT, Bilirubin Total, ALP

  • Vitamin D

Please ask for your Apostolos Loukas Medicine Center Referral Card

from any etherio Bio Store.

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