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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

In Sana Investments Ltd. our vision is to contribute daily, in whatever way you give us the opportunity, to create a better world for us and our children.

We support all humans for a better Society with respect to the Environment.

These are the basic values on which our corporate and social responsibility is based.


The company operates, undertakes and organises actions with main priority: Respect for its People, support of the Society and protect the Environment.

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The People

The people

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sana Investments Ltd. is her people. They work together every day for the smooth running of the company like a real family.

The management of the company supports and finances actions for securing jobs, working conditions and the creation of new jobs.

Providing continuing education opportunities is a key part of a company's responsibility to its people. It also maintains an evaluation and reward program.

As part of the Continuing Education, Free Personal Development seminars and seminars on Health, Wellness and Well-being are offered. They are also informed daily through an electronic platform about these issues but also about the actions in which they can participate voluntarily.

There is also an Organic Nutrition Program with preferential prices for all staff and their family as well as up to 50% discount on all products of the company.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We all work together every day for a better tomorrow. We maintain relationships with the local government and contribute to social activities with Health and Nutrition Information Seminars for children.

We provide organic food in schools and participate on non-profit programs - studies for the nutrition of children.



Corporate Social Responsibility

Respect for the environment is a fundamental principle of Sana Investments philosophy.

Respecting the Environment we respect ourselves. Live Organic for the company means I protect the environment in every way because this is my home, my food, my enjoyment, my well-being.

Rules followed since the beginning of the company:

- Development of "Short" trade chain

- Marketing of Organic Products

- Trade of Fair Trade products

- Marketing of local products

- Implementation of energy policy in line with global standards in shops and restaurants

- Use of recycled materials

- 95% Recycling

- Control of vehicle fuel consumption

- Control of water consumption in all areas and facilities

- Continuous seminars and info to staff and customers on environmental issues

- Information actions through the REDUCE - REUSE - RECYCLE Campaign

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