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Dr. Martin's, Pure Coconut Water bio 330ml

coco – tastes good and does you good!

Now FAIRTRADE and with a NEW bright tropical design

From spring 2019, Dr. Antonio Martins coconut water pure organic hits the organic shelves in a new summery tropical design.

The coconut water comes from sun-ripened green coconuts – from selected certified organic plantations in Sri Lanka.

Dr. Antonio Martins wants to guarantee a good everyday life for the farmers, workers and their families in terms of their education, health care and housing situation.

That is why the tropical thirst quencher now carries the FAIRTRADE seal and is therefore the first European coconut water with this official certification.

In this way, Coco ensures a better, independent future for all workers in the country of harvest – and in a chic new summer outfit.

Start the sunny season with Coco – wonderfully refreshing, colourful and fair to farmers!

Dr. Martin's, Pure Coconut Water bio 330ml

SKU: FA725
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