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Swiss Biological Medicine Center


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Etherio Bio Stores offer their members, card holders, preferential discounts

on medical center services.


Discount 15% at all counseling meetings, in diagnostic (excluding laboratory tests) and in health programs at the Swiss Medical Center.


The Swiss Biological Medicine Center, in collaboration with the world well-known

Paracelsus Clinic Switzerland, provides health programs.

The center combines innovative diagnostic methods and health programs, offering a unique combination of classic, alternative and holistic programs to maintain good health and manage chronic and difficult health conditions.

The Center uses "Biological Medicine", which recognizes and addresses the underlying causes of a disease. Based on the philosophy that the body has the capability of self-help, it provides protocols that are designed for each individual patient, always including both the patient and the medical staff.

For more information, visit the Center website

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from any etherio Bio Store.

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