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Freshly made healthy dishes everyday at your door! On diet or not... you will find deliciously healthy dishes and snacks for your lunch or dinner. Just choose a programme that suits you and your family and we will deliver at office or at home.

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how it works

Choose your meal plan & your dishes

from our Menu

We Cook them freshly with excellent ingredients

We deliver your meals

every day

why choose us

We are the masters of healthy cuisine! We cook with...• organic raw materials • GMO free ingredients (genetically modified organism) • 0% trans fat • Non hydrogenated oils  • 0% preservatives, additives, colorants • 0% MSG • All Charcuterie we use DO NOT CONTAIN NITRITES • We use only Cyprus Organic extra virgin olive oil and organic raw coconut oil. • We don’t fry 

• We only have freshly made sauces and dressings.

5 Day Meals

 5 Meals for

Lunch or Dinner


6 Day Meals

6 Meals for

Lunch or Dinner


Your Diet


Bring your diet and we will prepare and deliver your dishes

from 55€ - 85

5 Day Meals

10 Meals for

Lunch & Dinner

special price for 3p+


6 Day Meals

12 Meals for

Lunch & Dinner

special price for 3p+


3 Days, 5 Days

Includes seasonal

fruits & juices

30€, 55€

5 Days Full board

5 Breakfasts

10 Snacks / fruits

10 Meals (lunch & dinner)


6 Days Full Board

6 Breakfasts

12 Snacks / fruits

12 Meals (lunch & dinner)


Keto Diet

Choose your

Keto dishes

35 - 75

for Orders Contact

For any question or guidance concerning our plans do not hesitate to contact our Coordinator directly:

t: 96 557930 or...e-mail: healthymealsbio@gmail.com