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Enter Sana's Partners

Scheme today!



is addressed to our corporate partners

with 20+ personnel

Benefits offered in the SANA'S PARTNERS SCHEME program cover

the full range of our activities and offers your staff the following benefits...

1. VIP Benefits at «Etherio Bio Stores» Nicosia

Benefit of up to -15% discount on 10,000 products.


2. Diet Plans, personalized (Free)

In collaboration with our nutritionists, personal appointments are held and a Dietary Plan is recommended weekly.


3. Green Foods, fresh & bio Diet Plans, personalized

A Nutritional Plan is recommended, in collaboration with our dieticians, with the option of delivery to your office on a daily basis.


4. Beauty Consultation (Free) with Organic and Natural products only

Personal appointments with our Beauty consultant, for Facial and Body Care consultation, with Free Make Up and a Free Face Treatment.


5. Sana Catering Service

Discount -10% on our Catering Menus


6. Participating in SANA’S PARTNERS SCHEME, with the benefit of a - 15% discount to Sana Catering Service for your company’s coffee breaks, lunch breaks, etc.

Procedure to join


1. Your company's consent to join the program

2. Records of staff names (so that they can be registered in our system and activate all discounts)

3. SANA’S PARTNERS SCHEME benefits cannot be combined with other offers.

4. Your staff members must show your Corporate Identity so that they can enjoy all benefits. (At a later stage, you will be asked to sign up in our Group App and have even more benefits. You will also get immediate information about products and services that will be offered to you).

Do not hesitate to contact us for any other information.



Contact Us


320 Limassol Avenue, Nisou Industrial Area
Nicosia 2571, CYPRUS

P.O. BOX 12070-2340 Nicosia

Tel.: +357 22 028498, Fax: +357 22 028499


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