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Probios , a leading company in Italy  in the distribution of organic vegetarian foods , has been promoting the cultivation of raw materials in respect of man and nature for over 35 years   and for many years has also been dedicated to the  creation  and  marketing of product lines  suitable for those who must follow specific diets.

The  name of the company , which derives from the Greek PRO ( in favor of ) and BIOS ( life ) -  in favor of life  - contains the  principles  and  values  that have  guided  the people who have worked there since the beginning and that continue to inspire its  path of growth .

Since  1978 , the year of its foundation, Probios offers a wide choice of organic foods, respecting health and the environment.

At the beginning of 1990 , Fernando Favilli and Rossella Bartolozzi take over  the leadership of Probios  who, united by their passion for the natural,  are committed to ensuring that organic food is not just a fashion or an elitist food style, but a real style of life for everyone . Thanks to their determination and enthusiastic and prepared collaborators, their dream has come true: today Probios is a leader in the organic food market.

Probios was born in the belief that  selling organic products is not just a business reason , but favors behaviors that contribute to  making our world better . Buying products of this type in fact means choosing companies that demand a careful selection of methods of cultivation of raw materials, and that do not give in to the use of herbicides, pesticides, chemical and synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, which pollute our earth. , our waters and our air.

"Improving the life of man and the planet, spreading an organic vegetarian culture that creates well-being, with taste and quality".

Probios, which has 40 years of experience in the sector behind it , offers a differentiating offer, combining the research and selection of high quality organic raw materials with attention to the balance of the recipes, to guarantee its consumers balanced products, without neglect taste.


Probios, which is based in Florence, is present in 43 countries around the world. In Germany, a country that represents the first undisputed organic market, Probios is active with its own subsidiary (Probios Deutschland).

90% of the 900 products marketed are Probios branded and 85% of the suppliers are Italian. 70% of the raw materials used for the preparation of the products are grown in Italy.

The Group markets around 400 gluten-free products , of which around 170 can be borrowed from the National Health System . There are over 140 dairy-free products , many even without yeast and free from. There are many references based on spelled, Khorasan KAMUT® wheat and based on alternative cereals.

Through the Biostock brand , born in 2003, Probios also offers the widest range on the market of selected and certified bulk ingredients in large format , such as cereals and spices, legumes and seeds, flours and starches, oils, condiments and gastronomy products, thus addressing producers, laboratories and the Ho.Re.Ca. channel . 


Leader in the supply and marketing of raw materials, Biostock has the largest number of gluten-free products guaranteed , some of which are present in the AIC handbook .


Gluten Free

For over 40 years we have been offering you a vast range of gluten-free products, many of which can be borrowed from the National Health System, to accompany you from breakfast to dinner. You can trust us: our gluten-free products guarantee you the absence of gluten contamination during all stages of the production process (in quantities not exceeding 20 ppm, parts per million or mg/kg), to live your diet in total safety. We firmly believe that "gluten-free" is not synonymous with " taste-free".

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Milk Free

For our milk-free products, we ask manufacturers for specific guarantees on the ways in which contamination with milk and related allergens are avoided at each stage of processing: allergen files, storage method, staff training, plant cleaning, separate production lines. Careful laboratory analysis proves good risk management. We also proceed with monthly sample checks, which confirm the compliance of the requirements. To ensure quality products you can trust.


We have always tried to meet the varied needs of our consumers: our wide selection of vegan products is designed to offer you a new and ethical approach to food, without sacrificing taste. Vegan diet is a choice based on mainly ethical reasons: respect for life, non-violence, protection of the environment, rejection of all forms of animals exploitation and suffering. Our vegan products not only guarantee the exclusion of animal origin raw materials in the recipe, but present the official Vegan Society certification too.



The choice to exclude specific ingredients or foods from your diet can certainly depend on ethical choices, but also on health reasons such as intolerances or allergies.
Discover our products yeast-free, egg-free, no added sugar.

Yeast is an ingredient that is very often present in packaged foods (especially baked goods): with our yeast-free line we want to offer you a series of products without yeast and raising agents but at the same time fragrant and appetizing.

Our line of egg-free products is made up of items where the producer indicates the absence of eggs among the ingredients and in the list of possible allergens. Eggs, in addition to being one of the excluded foods from the vegan diet, can be a cause of food allergies or intolerances. Discover our selection of egg-free products.

Sugar is a very common ingredient, present in almost all industrial foods (cakes, biscuits, drinks, etc.): we assimilate a lot of it, precisely because it’s rare to find food products that are completely free on the market. However, if you do it by choice or by necessity, limiting your sugar intake is possible. Discover our selection of no added sugar items: sweetened with apple juice, grape juice, agave syrup or other vegetable derivatives, you can find valid and inviting alternatives without giving up the pleasure of dessert.

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You can find all Probios products in Etherio Bio Stores, Cyprus



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320 Limassol Avenue, Nisou Industrial Area
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P.O. BOX 12070-2340 Nicosia

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