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With the clear vision “Organic for All”, SANA Investments is founded in 2002. Our passion for healthy lifestyle, “clean” nutrition and respect for the consumer has led to the creation of today’s largest chain of organic products, “ETHERIO”, and the first two restaurants / catering of organic products “Green Foods, fresh & bio “.


Etherio is an oasis for the healthy living in Nicosia and Limassol, where you can find all you need to feed yourself and your family in the healthiest way. Happy faces eager to help and inform are all around the stores.

By supporting a group of 40 local producers and by giving a helping hand to all small or big earth friendly initiatives, Etherio is the reference for green living.


Since 2016, GreenFoods fresh & bio, the organic restaurants of the SANA’s family have invaded in the everyday living of Nicosia and Limassol, changing the way of “snacking, branching and  lunching” of thousands of healthy food eaters. Delicious sandwiches, omelettes, soups, boosting and detoxifying juices, home made like traditional pies and cakes, healthy bio main courses for kids and families.

SANA has been building up for so many years to become the reference in organic and health food in Cyprus. By building long-term relations with strategic partners in Europe and elsewhere, SANA brought in Cyprus all a healthy and environmentally conscious consumer needs for his family and himself.

The company also developed 3 new Restaurants. "Blue, fresh seafood" is a casual restaurant with fresh seafood, healthy cooking and organic ingredients. Located in the historical centre of Nicosia, in the old city, is a modern contemporary restaurant with traditional cuisine with a FAIR PRICE menu. The second project Sana created is "Pizzaiolo". Also located in the old city of Nicosia, Pizzaiolo is an Original Italian Pizzeria with Woodfire oven, baking all pizzas live. The 3rd one is a food hall combining all above cuisine ideas plus a I'm Vegan and Sushi Love.

Using state of the art 3PL logistics services from a renowned logistics company in Cyprus, SANA guarantees the weekly availability of fresh produce, dairy and frozen products. Moreover with it’s experienced personnel, some of which work with SANA since the first day, it guarantees excel in customer service and support.


Last but not least of the company’s cornerstones is the certification with ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 

ISO 21000:2005 from TUV Austria – Hellas.

Organic for all



SANA started its operations, back in 2002, as an importer and distributor of fine organic products from around Europe and North America. SANA has been importing all kind of fruits, vegetables, dry products, dairy and cold cuts, fresh and frozen meat and frozen seafood and vegetables, covering all everyday nutritional needs.


Among these companies, SANA using the strictest criteria, has selected the most health conscious and eco friendly ones to represent in the Cypriot and occasionally the Greek market. This is why SANA is a point of reference for good quality.

The success came not only from the selection of fine products but also from the fair pricing of the products. ORGANIC FOR ALL has been the company’s motto since the beginning and it has really made the change in the organic and health food market of Cyprus.


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Sana Investments having a key role in the development of the organic market during the last 15 years and with a steady presence in all major international organic food fairs, could only be leading the local market regarding exports. Embraced by a group of local pioneer organic farmers and producers, SANA has developed a series of products for exports, the most important being the organic traditional free-range organic goat’s milk Halloumi.


Exports are focused to Greece and the Northern European countries and today represent 5% of sales, doubling from last year. The trend is strong and SANA is targeting to double this within the next two years, by adding new products with high added value, as aloe vera, raisings, fresh produce and many  more.

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10 Organic Supermarkets

 Nicosia - Limassol 

The first Organic Discount Supermarket


Organic Restaurants: Nicosia, Limassol

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Fresh Seafood, healthy Restaurant: Nicosia

Pizza Making

Authentic Italian woodfire Tratoria: Nicosia


Organiko Life + 

The Organiko Life + experience was for Sana and it’s catering branch a high pace learning experience. We have been feeding with a 100% organic all day menu 7/7 for 6 weeks 200 children in Limassol public schools, on the largest ever study on the results of organic nutrition on children’s health. The study was organized by the Cyprus University of Technology within the frame of the European program Organiko Life + and had a duration of 12 weeks.


Sana and its partners not only organized and run all the catering but has also contributed for a big part the above study, in order to put in evidence the health benefits of organic nutrition.

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320 Limassol Avenue, Nisou Industrial Area
Nicosia 2571, CYPRUS

P.O. BOX 12070-2340 Lakatamia

Tel.: +357 22 028498, Fax: +357 22 028499




Contact Us


320 Limassol Avenue, Nisou Industrial Area
Nicosia 2571, CYPRUS

P.O. BOX 12070-2340 Nicosia

Tel.: +357 22 028498, Fax: +357 22 028499


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