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Collect points & earn back every month

Reward scheme exclusively for all our members!

• Redeem your earnings with free products or services of your choice. 
• Redemption can be made in all our stores in Nicosia.

50,00€ – 99,99€

Monthly purchases

3,00€ REWARD

100,00€ – 149,99€

Monthly purchases

5,00€ REWARD

150,00€ – 199,99€

Monthly purchases

10,00€ REWARD

200,00€ – 249,99€

Monthly purchases

15,00€ REWARD

250,00€ – 299,99€

Monthly purchases

22,00€ REWARD

300,00€ – 349,99€

Monthly purchases

28,00€ REWARD

350,00€ – 399,99€

Monthly purchases

35,00€ REWARD

Healthy Food

400,00€ – 499,99€

Monthly purchases

43,00€ REWARD

500,00€ – 599,99€

Monthly purchases

54,00€ REWARD

Food Photography

600,00€ – 699,99€

Monthly purchases

65,00€ REWARD

700,00€ – .........€

Monthly purchases

77,00€ REWARD

Terms & Conditions:

  1. In order to redeem, you need to be a Registered Etherio bio store member

  2. With Etherio App. or by signing our Registration form at our stores.

  3. Your winnings can be redeemed with free products to our Nicosia Etherio Bio Stores. Etherio Discount Bio Store can redeem without the -20% discount.

  4. Awarded points and free products can be redeemed within 2 months ONLY to Registered Customers with Etherio Registration form or Registered on our Application.

  5. All discounts given by Name (e.g. SMS Discounts, SMS Vouchers, App. Vouchers, etc.) are redeemed only in the presence of their owner. Verification of credentials will be requested by our representatives.

  6. Transfer of purchases (invoices) between our Registered Members, are not allowed.


Apostolos Loukas
Medical Center 


Use the Etherio App. 

  • See your tickets

  • Create your shopping lists

  • See your Discount Voucher

  • Get exclusive App. offers

  • New products alert

  • βio e-shop is now live!
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...even more

Discounts up to -20% 

on selected brands all year round

Lowest price guarantee 

If you buy from us a product for more than from another store in Cyprus,

bring in the receipt and the product and we shall give you back the difference (Products in offer excluded).

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